blue in interior

17 ideas for using blue in your interior

Today we are going to tell you about maybe the most popular color in the world – blue. Perhaps it is so popular because it prevails on our planet, or maybe because it causes feelings of stability, trust and develops an element of peace, and is generally good for our minds and bodies. Continue Reading

small bathroom

Organizing a small bathroom

When starting a renovation at home, we hope for its longevity, because we are going to spend a fortune on it. The bathroom in the apartment is the most intimate room, where we spend some time to prepare for a new day or to relax and unwind afterward. Continue Reading

5 ways to turn your studio into one-bedroom apartment

5 ways to turn your studio into a one-bedroom apartment

The lack of the personal space is the main problem of the happy owner of the studio apartment. Studios are the best option for a single person or a couple, but what if the family grows and at this very moment there is no opportunity for moving home. However, you can separate one room into few smaller so each member of the family has his own place. Continue Reading

Small bedroom design

13 Practical tips to make a small bedroom look bigger

Interior design makes our life easier and more comfortable. With the help of the good design, you can solve many problems related to the size of the room and its functionality. In this article, you are going to read about simple solutions that will make your small bedroom look bigger. Continue Reading

soundproof wallsTips to Soundproof the Walls at Your Home

After moving into a new apartment, you almost immediately understand: you are not alone in this world. Especially, you experience this during the first months or even years of living. Every day someone drills, batters, nails, screams, stomps his feet, listens to a loud music or just speaks etc. That all can make you crazy if you are a passionate lover of peaceful and quiet life. Continue Reading


Family home in Telford

Telford is a new and one of the fastest growing towns in the UK. The town popped up on industrial and agricultural land from 4 smaller settlements. It positions itself as “The Birthplace of Industry”. Nevertheless, this is a peaceful and quiet place with no traffic jams. Here you can get anywhere in 7 minutes.

Telford is a hot point for one of our latest projects. Continue Reading


Rainwater, why not?

Each of us uses 150 liters of drinking water on average per day. However, if a person saves water, he or she can use up to 100 liters. The water we use is a high-quality one. For our household purposes like drinking and cooking, we need only a small part of it! Continue Reading