light steel frame homes

Choosing the type of construction. Light steel frame homes

Steel frame construction technology is not something new and emerging on the market. It is well-known to constructors and designers. Nowadays it is recognized as a reviewed highly sustainable method used. More and more specialists tend to use this particular type of construction in spite of the wave of criticism that recently appeared because building industry hardly and slowly adopts new technologies.

Steel is effectively being used for industrial and commercial buildings due to the possibility to erect light, open, airy spaces with the minimum of loss in the area while bearing walls aren’t as massive as in the other types of construction. Also, all the communications during the constructing process can be hidden in the partitions that allow avoiding artificial ceilings and additional floorings or other methods used. Continue Reading


Things you should check while looking at your home. Apartment. Part 3

Previously we were writing about important things to be considered when buying an apartment. Now we will provide you with the next 6 of them. Thus …

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Things you should check while looking at your home. Apartment. Part 2

Buying the apartment is not an easy task. It can appear a really hard challenge for someone. Before purchase, you should think on the following question: “Do I buy the ready place to live in and nothing more to do or I buy the walls only?” The answer to it depends on your budget. And the answer will form your checklist. Thus, our previous post raised 6 important issues that are to be checked when we are choosing the apartment to buy. We are going on with next 6 key things. Continue Reading

Looking at apartment

Things you should check while looking at your home. Apartment. Part 1

Everyone hunting for a home faces the questions: buy vs. rent; the whole house or the apartment; newly built vs. the secondary market. As we previously mentioned and to everyone’s concern, it will always depend on us. Even before choosing the right location, we should clearly understand what purposes now and later on, we purchase the property for. In order to make the sound decision, we should arrange a list of things done every day and places visited (e.g. workplace, local markets, gym, stores, chemist, cafés, park etc.). This will help to check, whether the location and the home itself meet all your needs.

This post will discuss the general issues to check in the secondary market apartment for sale. Continue Reading

Looking for home. Dreaming about own sweet home

Looking for home. Choosing the location

Each of us dreams about his or her own space, own safe place, where the time after a hard day can be spent peacefully, where you can relax and forget about all the worries that happen to you during the work or just facing the outside reality. This place is home. It is like your fortress; you can hide there and mostly forget about everything. Continue Reading