Family home in Telford

Telford is a new and one of the fastest growing towns in the UK. The town popped up on industrial and agricultural land from 4 smaller settlements. It positions itself as “The Birthplace of Industry”. Nevertheless, this is a peaceful and quiet place with no traffic jams. Here you can get anywhere in 7 minutes.

Telford is a hot point for one of our latest projects.

What’s that?

At this location, we are successfully bringing to life a two-story highly sustainable house, for a young family with a child. This is a 130 m2 with a huge loft home built with the help of light steel frame technology. It is an all-inclusive development starting with the foundation and ending with the full super designed interior. Our main goal is to create a beautiful, cozy and neat place. We started building and assembly jobs at the beginning of June.

During the design process, our team has met the challenge to create the space for the ‘new family member’, because from the very beginning of our cooperation with customers nobody expected happy changes. However, our designers had a lot of fun, during creating the comfortable space for the impatiently awaited little one.

Before we started to mount the skeleton of the house, we had to apply additional breather membrane on the foundation, because of the specific characteristics of the soil in this area. The extra soak away was also constructed in order to remove surface water. All these measures were done to prevent structural damages, loss of thermal performance of construction and mold.

The layout

The planning of the ground floor includes the open concept kitchen connecting the living room and direct backyard access with patio decking. The project of the ground floor also provides spacious utility room, lavatory, and wardrobe. There will be also the server room located in the basement.


On the first floor the huge master’s bedroom and from the beginning guest room, now the nursery, is located together with home office and another bathroom. The greatest feature, I like the most in this project, is the master’s wardrobe, where you can get only from the bedroom. Moreover, the wardrobe is connected with the deluxe en-suite.

Family-home-Telford-First-Floor-PlanThe project of the house includes the installation of the surveillance system CCTV. We have also used category 7 cables hidden in the walls of construction, in order to provide high-quality data transmission all over the building.

How does it look like?

Front visualizationFamily home Telford front view visualizationRear visualizationFamily home Telford rear view

Garden visualizations

Family home Telford garden viewFamily home Telford garden view


Our crew working on the finishes of external walls and erecting the roof.


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