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Organizing a small bathroom

When starting a renovation at home, we hope for its longevity, because we are going to spend a fortune on it. The bathroom in the apartment is the most intimate room, where we spend some time to prepare for a new day or to relax and unwind afterward.

Most of us live in blocks of flats or apartment buildings, where the bathroom floor area sometimes has only 1.5 square meters. In this case, we need to rethink the design of the interior for such a tiny room to get the maximum functionality and comfort. First of all, we have to think about what we will store in our small bathroom. We must also keep in mind that to fit a washbasin, toilet bowl and shower, we need a minimum of 2.4 square meters.

Choosing a shower cabin

small bathroom shower

When choosing a shower cabin, we need to take into account its size, type of shower tray, the construction of the door. The comfortable size of the cabin is at least 80 x 80 cm. Manufacturers offer us a variety of models to match every pocket and taste. The most popular are square, quadrant, corner, low profile and deep models. The consumer can also choose between bypass or pivot, swing or folding cabin door constructions or even a walk-in solution.

The best choice for a small bathroom is the quadrant model of the cabin with the pivot or folding doors. The rectangle or square shower tray will significantly take more space. Oval and transparent cabins without frames will help visually enlarge the room.

A walk-in construction is an effective and modern solution for a small bathroom. This type of cabin provides setting the shower cabin apart the rest of the room with a glass wall or walls.

When choosing between low profile and deep shower tray, it is worth giving up deep one. In this case, the water will flow out through a drain mounted on the floor. In order to minimize the risk of slipping, you should lay anti-slip tiles in your shower cabin. The lack of a traditional deep shower tray will also make your small bathroom look bigger.

How to choose a washbasin?

small bathroom washbasin

The size of the sink really matters. Its length along the wall is usually around 50-55 cm and more. The width (from the wall to the front edge) starts from 44 cm, the depth is 13-15 cm. These sizes are the most comfortable to wash your hands and face because the water does not spill around the basin. If we are talking about a compact bathroom, mostly the length of the basin starts from 32 cm, and width – 30 cm.

We should remember that regardless of the amount of space you want to save, it is not worth choosing miniature models. Even using them very carefully, you will not be able to avoid splashes on the floor. Too small washbasin will simply become impractical.

In case of the small bathroom, it is better to choose a traditional shape sink: rectangular, semicircular, square. Corner models of the sinks perfectly save more space, however, it may be difficult to hang the mirror above them.

The sink should be placed in a way that allows moving easily in a small space, without hitting its corners.

Decor in a small bathroom

Small bathroom decor

There are many ways to visually enlarge the space with the help of decorative elements. If you want to give the impression of a large bathroom, add mirrors. Try to hang a large mirror over the washbasin or attach a wide, up to the ceiling mirror above it. Another idea is a mirror wall. Instead of decorative tile inserts on the wall, you can lay a mirror mosaic.

It is a nice idea to decorate the bathroom in bright colors, white always looks brilliant. Add more lighting and use a similar color palette for all elements. Avoid large tiles and patterns, do not use materials with clear textures.

Before starting the renovation of your small bathroom buying plumbing fixtures, tiles and so on, first of all, think about how your bathroom will look like. What will you store there? Do you want to have a deep tray or low profile one? Make precise measurements. Draw a plan of your future bathroom. In case, it’s your first experience in making a renovation, you should better to consult a qualified interior designer, who will help you ta arrange the space, choose all the necessary fixtures, and count the expenses.

Got some questions, contact us. Our team will help you to make your bathroom look perfect.


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