soundproof wallsTips to Soundproof the Walls at Your Home

After moving into a new apartment, you almost immediately understand: you are not alone in this world. Especially, you experience this during the first months or even years of living. Every day someone drills, batters, nails, screams, stomps his feet, listens to a loud music or just speaks etc. That all can make you crazy if you are a passionate lover of peaceful and quiet life. But remember, the lucky owner of a new home, when doing renovation, produces just as much noise as other neighbors doing the same. Therefore, if you are about to start the renovation, you need to think about making your walls soundproof, so that your whole future life flows in a comfortable silence.

Types of noise insulation

There exist two of the most popular types of sound insulation: framing and membrane method.

In framing method, the wooden or metal frame is constructed. The space between the guides of the frame is filled with the soundproof material, which either reflects the sound or absorbs it. The use of this method significantly protects the room from external sounds, however, it is expensive, and reduces the floor area.

soundproof wall

In membrane method, the soundproofing material is fixed directly on the walls without the use of a frame. This method is cheaper than the framing one, and if the technology is maintained it is not inferior to it in efficiency.

soundproof wall

Common materials used for sound insulation

When choosing the material for noise insulation of walls, it is necessary to take into account the following issues:

  • the thickness of the walls,
  • the size of the room,
  • the size of the windows and doors.

Currently, the most common materials for noise insulation are:

  • cork panels
  • acoustic rolls
  • mineral wool
  • styrofoam.

Cork panels

Thin cork panels will help in case of the low noise level in apartments with thick walls. However, cork panels are expensive. Thus, if acceptable, it is better to use mineral wool together with drywall.

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Acoustic rolls

Acoustic rolls are available at any building store at low price. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the material is poor (only 60%). Mounting of the acoustic rolls on the walls is easy and even an inexperienced person can do this. The technology is the same as with wallpapers. You just need to cover the walls with a special glue and then apply the rolls.

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Mineral wool

If you want to know more about the effective ways of wall noise insulation, pay attention to mineral wool. It is a time-tested soundproof material. However, application of this method will take more time for installation, as well as drywall boards will be required.

Initially, you should make a frame to which the drywall boards will be attached. The process of the installation itself is easy, but it is time-consuming. Mineral wool sheets should be fixed with the special screw fixings for insulation materials. Finally, the drywall boards are attached to the frame.

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You can use styrofoam instead of mineral wool, although its efficiency is lower. Nevertheless, the process of installation does not differ from the previous one and is not so harmful to health. With mineral wool, even with the basalt one, you should be extremely careful. The use of personal protective equipment is required.

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Sound insulation by means of interior objects

Do not forget that insignificant wall noise insulation can be achieved by properly using interior objects. For example, you can put the wall unit or wardrobe at the most ‘noisy’ wall. Carpets and curtains will help to avoid the sound spread around the apartment.

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We hope we gave you some basic knowledge of sound insulation of walls and the ways it can be achieved. If you have any questions do not hesitate just contact us. Our team will always find the best solution to make your home more peaceful and quite.


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